The Esposito Foundation
Distributes Initial Donations

In October of 2009, Mark Esposito launched a not for profit charitable foundation. The mission statement of the foundation is “to provide charitable contributions to a group of non-profitorganizations that steward good will to man.” Recognizing the many blessings he has received throughout the years, Mark decided to create a source of giving to help others. Having founded Esposito Securities, in 2006, Mark fulfilled the dream of starting a successful company. His personal commitment to giving was borne of a promise he’d made to himself a long time ago.

“I made a commitment to myself at a very young age that if I achieved financial success, I would give a significant portion of my earnings back to society. I have worked hard over the years and it is clear to me that my family and I have been blessed abundantly in many ways; therefore I have set out to honor that commitment with the creation of the Foundation. I believe it is my duty to give to those in need. Accordingly, the foundation is set up to maximize the help we offer to others. The amazing part of this project is that I am getting more back than I am putting in. It is fascinating to see the work of mankind and how each of our contributions combined are loving and beneficial to others. I am excited about the long-term and far reaching good will that this Foundation will generate.” – Mark Esposito

Initial recipients of contributions from the Foundation include Med Air, an organization offering emergency relief and rehabilitation in disaster and conflict areas. Azleway children’s home in East Texas is a sanctuary to many boys and girls, and was in need of Christmas gifts for all the children andFellowship Church near downtown Dallas was looking for Thanksgiving dinner to feed 32 families in need. Hope Contained has a goal to build villages of homes in areas throughout the world that have been ravaged by natural disasters and poverty. The Esposito Foundation has addressed each of these needs and is looking for many other charities to serve.

The Foundation will consider lesser-known and underfunded charities that have a faith based initiative. Charities targeting the arts, homes, underprivileged, missions and children are closest to our hearts. Our due diligence on the charities ensures that our donations are primarily going directly to those in need, rather than big administrative budgets. Charities with an established track record will be under our prayerful consideration.

A board of advisors oversees the disbursement of funds. Mark is joined by Brian Conaway. Brian, a Graduate Master Builder, is a partner and President for Conaway & Sons, LTD, in Whitehouse, TX. Brian has been active on the Local, State, and National levels of the Home Builders Association. The local association, (Tyler AreaBuilders Association), has approximately 700+ members and Conaway has served on various committees since joining the TABA. He served as President in 2005 and received the 2004 Builder of the Year award. He organized and chaired the committee that set a new World Record for home construction by building a 2249 sq. ft. home from the ground up in 2 hours 52 minutes 29 seconds. This project, completed on October 1, 2005, is known as the 2 Hour House. It took more than 2 years to coordinate and included the participation of over 2000 volunteers.

Dave Lopez, a consultant in marketing, branding and strategy is an acting advisor as well. Dave has held various board positions in non-profit concerns and is a former executive with Neiman Marcus. He created a branding and marketing company in 1998, and has been working in that arena since that time. He founded 50 Against One in the 1990s, with Farah Fawcett as the national spokesperson, to raise money in the fight against AIDS. Dave co-engineered the Millions From One campaign with Yield clothing to bring about relief through water wells in drought stricken areas.

The goals of the Esposito Foundation are to distribute funds annually, affecting 5-10 different charities with either a local or global focus. The donations will be fully self-funded. The Foundation is an important thrust in Mark’s life, and a testimony to the notion that “giving back” is its own reward.

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